Trios of Cats for Charter

Two trios of sailing catamarans from Select Yachts offer tandem charters for large groups in the US and BVI.

Select Yachts
Amazing Lady, a 56-foot Lagoon is now available for charter from Select Yachts.Select Yachts

Two trios of sailing catamarans offer tandem charters that can accommodate groups gathered for special occasions ranging from family reunions and anniversaries to corporate team building.

Available in the U.S. and BVI are the Amazing cats: Amazing Lady, a 56-foot Lagoon; Amazing Blues, a 56-foot Lagoon; and Amazing, a 62-foot Lagoon. Together, the crewed boats can handle a total of 30 guests.

Charters are also available on a combination of two of the boats. In the Exumas island group of the Bahamas, up to 17 guests can sail with the Dreffins, a liveaboard cruising family with a circumnavigation in their wake. Parents Tina and Peter Dreffin crew Freebird, a 42-foot Grainger; son Adam is captain of Rubicon, a 44-foot St. Francis; and son Warren is captain of Swish, a 50-foot Voyage.

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