Ultrasonic Antifouling

Treat your hull to an ultrasonic cleansing. A gear review from our July 2010 issue

Ultra Sonic Antifouling 368

Ultra System from Ultrasonic AntifoulingCourtesy Of Ultrasonic Antifouling

How would you like to keep your boat's bottom free of unwanted growth electronically? Well, the Ultra system from Ultrasonic Antifouling reportedly does just that with a transducer attached to the inside of the hull that emits pulses of inaudible ultrasonic sound waves. These waves are said to be harmless to fish but disrupt the single-cell organisms that foul a hull. It needs constant power for maximum effectiveness, so energy consumption is a factor. But if access to shore power is limited, the system is available with a solar controller that'll regulate the power generated by solar panels. While not billed as a replacement for bottom paint, the Ultra system can reportedly enhance its effectiveness.

Starts at $1,350, +44 (0) 1202-606185, www.ultrasonic-antifouling.com