App of the Month: DroidNavtex

This cool app can decode Navtex signals on an Android phone or tablet.


Here's another way that you can use your smartphone or tablet offshore. Navtex (navigational telex) is an international service that delivers weather warnings and forecasts as well as urgent marine safety information to ships at sea. While ships are required to carry a Navtex receiver aboard, cruising boats rarely have them. But now there's an app for that!

DroidNavtex can decode messages from any SSB, amateur radio, or shortwave receiver. Simply tune into the Navtex frequency (518 kHz or 490 kHz), place your phone or tablet next to the speaker, and receive valuable and current weather information. Special audio filters are embedded in the app making it possible to decode very weak signals.

DriodNavtex is available for $9.99 at Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android.