App of the Month: Flir One

OK- so maybe this isn't really just an app, but it is for a phone -- and it's very cool.

Flir One

Thermal imaging camera manufacturer Flir has released a personal thermal imaging device for consumers. The Flir One fits on an iPhone 5 or 5s like a case. Once mounted, the device displays a live thermal image right on the phone's screen, which provides the ability to "see" in low light, and even complete darkness.

In addition to the thermal imaging, the Flir One has a mode that will display relative temperatures on a normal, visible light image, and another mode that allows you to tap on the image to display accurate temps on different points on the image.

Flir One is available in gray, white or gold and houses its own battery source that can power the device for two hours of continuous use. Devices for certain Android models are currently in the works. For more info on the Flir One, check out

The device will cost around $350, and should be available this spring.