Reader Tip: DIY Cooler/Carrier for White Wine

Boxed wine is wonderful on a boat, with no glass to break. But what if you like your wine chilled? Try this DIY cooler/carrier.

September 20, 2013

Make Your Own Wine Cooler

Lorie Eadie

Boxed wine is wonderful on a boat, with no glass to break. A while back, reader Mary Jo provided a great way to get rid of the cardboard box but still have easy pouring, by using a plastic storage container. But what if you like your wine chilled?

The photos here detail a great DIY solution for all the white wine drinkers from Lorie Eadie, who sails Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound and Narragansett Bay with her husband Ed, their kids and grandkids.

Simply stated, they use a 12-can cooler with a hole cut in the side for the pouring spout. Put the bag in, then add ice on top to keep it cold.


While the pictures that Lorie sent show the idea well, Lorie did have a couple of comments. First, she suggests keeping the ice in a Ziploc or using freezer packs, as melt water from loose ice will leak out the pouring spout.

Additionally, says Lorie, “One photo is a close up of the hole we cut. Note that we made a little slit on either side of the hole to let the outer lip of the spout slide through the cooler wall to hold it better. Slide the spout through, pull up, push it back against the side and start pouring.”

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