Newport Boat Show in Photos

Check out the latest photos from the Newport International Boat Show.

September 18, 2015

The Newport International Boat Show is underway here in Newport, RI! We took a walk around the docks and found some of the best boats the show has to offer. Stay tuned for more photos and new boats in our next gallery!

Cruiser? Racer? Something entirely different? All we know is we want a Gunboat G4! Benjamin Meyers
The G4 redefines the idea of a racer/cruiser sailboat. Benjamin Meyers
W Class Yachts may have gone down in size with their new W.22, but not in style. Benjamin Meyers
A close look at the high quality craftsmanship of the W.22 Colt. Benjamin Meyers
Arabesque, a custom designed cruiser by Rockport Marine. Benjamin Meyers
Designed by Fontaine Design Group, Arabesque is tailor-made for cruising New England. Benjamin Meyers
An awesome Cruising World shout out from Rockport Marine onboard Arabesque! Benjamin Meyers
Hinckley Bermuda 50 Hinckley’s new Bermuda 50 Watermark takes on a modern style that is new for the company in a big way. Hinckley has produced two of their new boats, with Watermark tailored to racing, and hull number one optimized for performance cruising. Benjamin Meyers
The Bermuda 50 design runs in the family, with the newest model designed by Bill Tripp III, whose father designed the original Bermuda 40. Benjamin Meyers
Watermark is designed to be a comfortable cruiser that will race offshore to Bermuda with ease. Benjamin Meyers
The newest Gunboat 55 to splash improves upon the success of their earlier models as the perfect performance cruising catamaran. Benjamin Meyers
The Gunboat 55 is defined by simplicity, whether it’s design, sail handling or accessibility. Benjamin Meyers
Italia Yachts comes to America with the debut of the 13.98 performance cruiser. Benjamin Meyers
Strong lines, excellent performance and high quality craftsmanship have all contributed to the Italia Yachts success, with the 13.98 being named the 2013 European Luxury Cruiser of the Year. Benjamin Meyers
We love the Jeanneau Sunfast 3600, and not just because we got to take it for a spin! Crisp, modern lines and an award winning hull design are second only to the performance of the 3600 in just about any conditions. Benjamin Meyers
Beneteau showcases the endless possibilities that their lines have to offer. Benjamin Meyers
The woodwork below deck on the newest W.46 is a thing of beauty. Benjamin Meyers
Serious attention to detail went into crafting the W.46 Nashua. Benjamin Meyers
The W.Class yachts have a reputation for beauty, and the newest W.46 is no exception. Benjamin Meyers
The new Fareast 28R doesn’t just look fast, it is, clocking in at up to 20 knots of boatspeed. Benjamin Meyers
With a bow that looks that good, how could the 28R not be fast? Benjamin Meyers

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