Save the Date!

Boat of the Year winners will be officially crowned on Wednesday, December 11!

Boat of the Year Judges

Boat of the Year JudgesBilly Black

The results of Cruising World's 2014 Boat of the Year competition are in, and the winners in nine respective categories – including the best overall Domestic and Import Boats for 2014 – will be announced on Facebook and in a daylong unveiling celebration next Wednesday, December 11.

Beginning at 0800 EST and continuing at the top of each hour throughout the day, the category winners in nine separate divisions of monohulls and multihulls – complete with write-ups, judges comments and photo galleries – will be posted simultaneously on _CW_'s Facebook page and website. To wrap up the festivities, at 1600 EST we'll announce this year's top winner: 2014's Overall Domestic Boat of the Year.

In what was the most competitive fleet of nominees in recent years, 28 yachts from eight nations competed for top honors over a ten-day series of dockside inspections and sea trials during and after last October's U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. Judges Tim Murphy, Mark Schrader and Ed Sherman were then given the nearly impossible task of choosing the best boats of them all. There are guaranteed surprises in store.

In addition to the announcements on Dec. 11, look for a full report on the contest, with performance numbers and stats, more judges' observations and additional photographs in the January 2014 issue of Cruising World.