Raymarine DockSense Alert Assisted-Docking System

DockSense Alert detects solid objects around the boat and alerts the captain to make docking a breeze

Visibility restrictions can make docking difficult, but sliding into that slip won’t be a challenge if the DockSense Alert Assisted-Docking System is aboard. Utilizing FLIR 3D stereo-­camera vision, you’ll have a live video feed on the Raymarine Axiom display plus an overhead graphic view. Up to seven cameras (with automatic weather shields) can be incorporated into the system, so virtually any size or shape of boat can be covered. And unlike other docking-assist systems, DockSense is completely self-contained—no beacons or sensors needed at the slip.

Raymarine DockSense Alert Assisted-Docking SystemCourtesy Raymarine

Price: Varies by boat manufacturer and model

Contact: raymarine.com