Tartan’s TV Trifecta

The Ohio sailboat builder sets sail on the little screen in three national broadcasts.

November 15, 2012

Tartan Yachts, The Office

A Tartan 4300 made it’s prime-time debut on NBC’s The Office.

This has been a star-studded, big two weeks for the crew at Tartan Yachts. After all, it’s not all that often that a sailboat plays the leading role in a primetime sitcom, never mind in back-to-back episodes. But yup, that was the Tartan 4300 Aspire II that had Andy Bernard’s family abuzz in NBC’s The Office two Thursday ago. And perhaps you tuned in this past Thursday to see how Andy’s impromptu voyage to the Bahamas went. Or was Bermuda the destination? “Same thing,” Andy quipped to his girlfriend before convincing his brother to join him on the delivery and they shoved off.

Speaking of shoving off, wonder what sort of prop was fitted out on Aspire II to create all that prop wash as they left the slip at the company’s Blue Pacific Boating sailing school in Marina Del Rey, California, where the episode was filmed? Blue Pacific offers charter vacations, ASA sailing courses and is also a dealer for Tartan and C&C. The company’s Christine Corbissero says someone from The Office approached the dealership one day, looking for a boat to use in the filming, and the rest, well, it’s right there on the small screen to see.

Tartan is also featured in a segment this Sunday night of the Travel Channel’s Extreme Yachts. The network sent a camera crew to the Fairport Harbor, Ohio, plant to document Tartan’s infusion process as workers layed up the hull for a Tartan 4000 and built, vacuum bagged, and cured a carbon-fiber mast. According to Corbissero, they used time-lapse photography to capture the infusion process, which took about 20 minutes. The filming will also show workers installing various pieces of deck hardware, and includes shots of a finished 4000, also shot at Blue Pacific Boating. Tartan is the only sailboat builder featured in the Extreme series.


If you missed The Office, you can stream both episodes (or the last nine seasons, for that matter) anytime. The Extreme Yachts segment that features Tartan production facilities airs Sunday (11/18) at 11 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Film crews at the Tartan production facility taping Extreme Yachts.


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