Video: Hobie Way of Life

Gary Jobson's new videos capture the carefree fun of sailing a Hobie.

The International Hobie Class Association, the Hobie Class Association of North America and Hobie Cat World Wide have released two videos produced by Gary Jobson that document Hobie sailing and the “Hobie Way of Life”.

“Defining a Hobie Cat sailor is easy," says Gary Jobson. "These are passionate sailors who know how to work hard, and play hard. Our film crew was invited to the recent North American Championship to document this enduring class. Sailors from across North America spent five days racing in a wide variety of wind conditions, spending their precious vacation time socializing and racing hard. Many sailors referred to the class as 'family.' I find the culture in the class to be uplifting. The veteran sailors were always available to help the less experienced. One sailor remarked, 'The stronger the competition, the better the sailor I become.' The list of competitors ranged in age from 15 to 75. The interviews with the sailors tell the story of why so many are attached to the Hobie way of life. The Hobie Cat is a boat that was first introduced in 1968 and continues to provide great racing and great events. We hope our videos inspires many new sailors to join one of the Hobie Classes.”

For the die-hard Hobie fans, here's the full 15-minute version: