Wave WiFi MBR-550

Get connected in more ways than one with this wireless router, featuring built-in cellular capabilities

Wave WiFi MBR-550
Wave WiFi MBR-550Courtesy Wave WiFi

MBR 550 Wireless Router with built in Cellular connectivity.

The MBR-550 a compact multi-source router and wireless access point delivers onboard internet, has a built in SIM slot to receive cellular data directly, and is easily connected to other Wave WiFi receivers, or third-party satellite systems.

Wave WiFi’s Graphic User Interface provides easy access and control. Simply set up the automatic fail-over to prioritize the most economical connections and save money. Configure an Onboard Guest Local Area Network (LAN) to allow guests access to the internet from the current connection at limits you set. Log-in/user access management helps further control data usage and bandwidth.

  1. Select your own Carrier/SIM card for global use with our standard size SIM slot.
  2. Auto-failover router that is fully customizable via browser-based user interface.
  3. Wireless access point for stand-alone use, fully compatible with all Wave WiFi receivers and third-party satellite systems.

Price: $1,495

Contact: wavewifi.com