Abandoned Rally Boat Arrives in Bermuda

Triple Stars is brought in under tow after eight months adrift.

Triple Stars in Bermuda

The yacht Triple Stars, in Ely's Harbour.Glenn Tucker, courtesy of the Bermuda Royal Gazette

An abandoned sailboat, left adrift eight months after a crew member was lost at sea, has finally been brought ashore by two West End fishermen.

Piloted by husband and wife sailors Rob and Jan Anderson, Triple Stars fell victim to heavy seas during the 2011 North American Rally to the Caribbean (NARC) race. Mrs Anderson, 59, was lost after being swept overboard by a wave.

The drifting vessel, originally based out of Sausalito, California, was spotted on Wednesday by charter boat captain Peter Rans, and towed to shore by commercial fisherman Andrew Card.

"I've spent a lot of time offshore and seen a lot of junk and debris floating, but this is the first significant find," said Mr Card, whose boat, Reel Action, brought the sailboat into Ely's Harbour. "It doesn't happen very often."

The 38ft sailboat was spotted around the Argus Bank, some 26 miles southwest of the Island, around midday, and took hours to manoeuvre to port.

For the full story about the 2011 NARC, read "Hard Lessons Learned in the North Atlantic," from CW's February 2012 issue.