August 2004 Table of Contents

June 25, 2004

The Sailing Life

A Few Sheaves Short
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Among the skeletons in Cap’n Fatty’s closet is a brief stint as a Caribbean raceboat rock pilot

You Can Hide, but You Can’t Run
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
There are several good hurricane holes in the Pacific, but they’re too far apart to run to


Point of View
Remembering Fastnet
by John Rousmaniere
Even 25 years later, the 1979 Fastnet Race still casts a long shadow over the world of sailors

Special Report
Where’d All the Cruisers Go?
by Beth A. Leonard and Evans Starzinger
Is it the stock market or security fears? One thing’s for sure: There are fewer of us filling foreign ports

Passage Notes
Escaping the Big Chill
by Jeremy McGeary
Having scraped the “wintry mix” off his car and driveway, our roving correspondent found himself 12 hours later in Tortola, squawking among snowbirds with longer migratory cycles


People and Food
A Craving for Coconuts
by Pnina Greenstein
A visit to the San Blas islands puts the spotlight on the tropics’ most ubiquitous delicacy

Log of Ithaka
Revising Your Standards
by Bernadette Bernon
Say you’re walking past a dumpster and you see a tillerpilot. What do you do?



Best Vacation Imaginable
by Herb McCormick; photographs by Billy Black
If steady breezes, party nights, and blue, blue water are the stock motifs of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands remain its masterwork

A Question of Balance
by Melissa Dobson
Seeking parity with her sailorly husband, a novice submits to the surprising rigor of sailing school

The Price of Paradise: Comparing Vacations
by Todd Scantlebury
When cabin fever strikes you hard, what does it really cost to fly to St. Somewhere?


Charter Address Book
by Theresa Nicholson
A comprehensive listing of charter companies

Hands-On Sailor

Getting a Grip on the Goop That Binds
Maintenance by Ralph Naranjo
When the time comes to bed deck hardware, how will you keep the water out? We examine today’s marine adhesives and sealants

Stone-Cold Control in Close Quarters
Boathandling by Scott Bannerot
Using spring lines intelligently will not only keep you on the dock in any blow but will also get you off the dock in contrary wind and current

The Atlantic’s Forgotten Archipelago
Voyaging by Don Street
With new marine services just beginning to spring up in Cape Verde, this lonely island group deserves a place on transatlantic sailors’ itineraries


In the Mood for Something Big
Boat Test by Darrell Nicholson
The Moody 64, the new flagship for the longtime British boatbuilder, proves equal to the task “when the elephants are running”

A Horse of a Different Color
Boat Review by Bill Seifert
The Island Packet 37 builds on its creator’s reputation for turning out solid, fully equipped boats–then adds a layer of luxurious upgrades

A Different Drummer
Boat Review by Steve Callahan
The unsinkable Etap 37s is prepared for the worst but doesn’t ignore everyday sailing desires

1960s Success Story
Classic Plastic by Bill Seifert
An employee from Tartan’s early days shares his memories of the venerable Tartan 34

Shining Moments
New Products by Jeremy McGeary
Nifty vents, knives, hatch dogs, shore-cord caps, and navigation-software packages make up this month’s gathering of new gear


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