BoatU.S. Slashes Boat-Towing Prices

Freshwater lake and river sailors reap big discount. "At Sea" from our February 20, 2008, CW Reckonings


BoatU.S. towing plans cover the waters off Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio (above), and other freshwater cruising grounds throughout North America.Boatu.s.

There's good news for cruisers who may find themselves in need of a tow on the Great Lakes or other bodies of fresh water across North America. BoatU.S. has reduced its rates for on-the-water towing assistance by 70 percent.

The TowBoatU.S. and Vessel Assist towing plans for recreational boaters on freshwater lakes and rivers, similar to roadside automobile clubs that provide assistance to stranded motorists, are now $34 a year. This fee, added to the $19 BoatU.S. yearly membership, totals $53 annually--a savings of $86 off the previous price of $139.

BoatU.S. has more than 500 towing-assistance vessels equipped to handle such tasks as fuel drop-offs, battery jumps, and tows back to the marina. If you don't already have a towing plan, consider this statistic supplied by BoatU.S.: Most on-the-water towing companies typically charge between $200 and $250 an hour, with the national cost per towing incident in 2007 averaging about $600.

For more information on all of its towing plans, contact BoatU.S. (800-395-2628;