Brick House Dismasted in South Pacific

Cruisers Patrick and Rebecca Childress's Valiant 40, Brick House, has been dismasted near Kiribati, and they are asking for assistance to find a replacement spar piece to repair the mast.

Brick House

Herb Mc Cormick

We are sorry to report that Patrick and Rebecca Childress, who are currently circumnavigating aboard their Valiant 40, Brick House, have been dismasted near Kiribati, in the Pacific. While we don't know many details, we know that they are OK and are enroute to Majuro in the Mashall Islands. Below is an email from Rebecca. If you can help, please contact me at, and I will put you in touch with Patrick and Rebecca. Thanks!

--Jen Brett

_We have been dismasted in the South pacific, and are on our way to Majuro, in the US Marshall Islands...2000 miles southwest of Hawaii, roughly.

_We have a Valiant 40...1976 Hull #134. We believe the mast is made by Spar Tech or Super Spar. We need to get a 3-4 foot section to replace our damaged section so we can splice it back together.

_It is a very simple shaped mast...25 inches in circumference - an oval with no track, no flat or sharp edges, no funny shapes...just a perfect egg or oval. Its 9 inches for and aft, 6 inches side to side at its widest section. The aluminum is 1/4" thick.

_If you have a small section of a mast like this or know someone who does, OR if you would be able to make us a section or know someone who could, to match our old, please contact me, and we can get more precise with the
exact numbers, etc...


Rebecca and Patrick Childress
Brick House_
1976 Valiant 40 #134_