Caribbean & Bahamas

Set your clocks to island time on charter around the gin-clear waters and warm breezes of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Oasis St. John

Falling Ashore

Thomas Tangvald’s disastrous crash landing was not from space, but rather on the reefs off Bonaire at age 15 while being towed south from Puerto Rico on a leaky sailboat.

Regatta sailing at sunset

Add a Regatta to Your Caribbean Fun

The Caribbean Sailing Association will host a Zoom call this weekend to share updates on the 2022 regatta schedule and provide information on island groups.


Sailing Totem: Uncertain Cruising Plans

The ongoing pandemic continues to create uncertainties for a sailing family, but COVID restrictions don’t stop them from visiting friends and relatives back in the States.

catamaran in the Caribbean

VOYAGE charters

About VOYAGE charters Experience our boutique, family operated charter company based in the British Virgin Islands. Established in 1995, VOYAGE charters is supported by excellent

Carlien Pels and Martin Manrique

Make Them Sailors

A young couple heads out in an old sailboat to explore the Caribbean, and ends up starting a nonprofit that aims to teach island kids how to sail.

The author sails the Sea Pearl through the turquoise Bahama Banks.

Sailing a Sea Pearl in the Exumas

A young family chooses a different sort of cruising experience when they charter a 21-foot Sea Pearl for a week in the Bahamas’ Exuma Islands.


Stuck in Roatan

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought life to a relative standstill around the world, many cruisers found themselves suddenly stuck in a foreign port.

Hall family

Fun in the 2019 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

For over three decades, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been a part of the transatlantic experience for sailors, and the destination—St. Lucia—the launching point for tropical cruising dreams.