May 2006

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May 2, 2006

edited by Elaine Lembo
The lochs of Scotland, helping doctors help children in Venezuela, Dismal Swamp update, Florida anchoring rights, Mellish Reef musings, and more

A Winch for the Wench
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
In the court of marital law, is a promise made at 16 still binding after 35 years?

From One Voyager to Another
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
An arrival in Gomera, Canary Islands, puts him once again in mind of the barely believable thing that Columbus accomplished


Swallowing the Anchor
Passage Notes by Gwen Hamlin
Vava’u in Tonga is the kind of place that persuades restless travelers to settle down for a spell

The Duct-Tape Conspiracy Theory
Point of View by Gregory Newell Smith
What can we learn from the fact that there isn’t any word for “duct tape” in French?

Seasoned by the SEA
Under Way by John K. Bullard
Join the Sea Education Association aboard Corwith Cramer for an education of a different kind


Mexican Makeover
People and Food by Kevin Krause
A spinach and mushroom Northwest Breakfast Nosh is transformed with Southwest ingredients

Cade’s Hardware Hike
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
Take a tour with the Pied Piper of the Cartagena industrial-supplies scene



North Channel Retrospective
by Mark Stevens
Two sojourns to this Lake Huron cruising ground reveal a place that’s worth coming back to again and again and again

Old Home Week on the Caledonian
by Paul Howard
A pair of world voyagers discover landscapes of purple heather and their own family roots in the waterways of deepest Scotland

Open Hatches
by Webb Chiles
Is it true what Murphy said: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Well, the answer is no, and that’s what makes us dangerously complacent


Lord Nelson Among the Oystermen
Yacht Style by Angus Phillips
Oyster Yachts organizes a latter-day return to Trafalgar to mark the 200-year-old British sea victory


More Powerful Mains, Less Muscle to Manage Them
Sails by Jeremy McGeary
We explore the means of balancing positive roach with today’s state-of-the-art mainsail systems

Faster, Easier Downwind Sailing
Upgrade by Carolyn Shearlock
Get your whisker pole off the deck and on the mast, where it’s more easily put to use

The Awlgrip Topsides Job, Part II
Step-by-Step Refit by Bruce Bingham
We previously looked at how to prepare a boat for new topside finish; now let’s see how it’s done


A Higher Level of Luxury
Boat Test by Jeremy McGeary
Building on a flybridge theme, the Lagoon 500 offers nooks indoors and out

Head of the Class
Boat Review by Tim Murphy
The C&C 115, with its epoxy hull and standard carbon rig, stands out from its production-built peers

A No-Compromise Cruiser
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary
With its new 39-footer, Bavaria Yachts leaves the racing to others

Sweetwater Sweetheart
Classic Plastic by Jayne Finn
Stately overhangs and a sweet sheer line distinguish the Niagara 35

Sail Like a Scout
New Products by Mark Pillsbury
A fire-suppression system, a seasickness preventative, a filtering fuel funnel, oil absorbers, night-vision glasses, and more


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