New TV Network Targets Channel-Surfing Sailors

The Water Channel features sailing-oriented programs such as "Sailing Center," "Clipper Around the World Race," and "Boating Today."

Water Channel

Just because you're landlocked and couch-bound doesn't mean you can't experience the thrill of the high seas. Get ready for the Water Channel, "the world's first network devoted exclusively to water-lifestyle programming."

The Seattle-based network is currently carried by Dish Network and Time Warner Cable, and already reaches over 15 million homes in Minnesota, Ohio, and New York. In the next year, the network could reach as many as 45 million homes as service expands to other Time Warner Cable systems and to Cox Cable.

Water TV programs that may appeal to cruisers include "Sailing Center," "Clipper Around the World Race," and "Boating Today." "Sailing Center" covers areas such as the cruising lifestyle, youth sailing lessons, international regattas, and do-it-yourself boat repair. "Clipper Around the World Race" is an aquatic reality series that follows a novice crew (and one experienced skipper) as they circumnavigate aboard a 68-foot clipper. "Boating Today" is a mix of celebrity interviews, performance tips, and on-the-water events. One popular ongoing segment features a professional chef who shares galley-friendly recipes.

Go to or call (206) 547-2730 to find out when the Water Channel will be coming to your area.