Cruising on Foils

Farr Yacht Design and Infiniti Yachts have teamed up to design the ultimate blue water cruiser.

infinity 56
The Infiniti 56C will feature the use of a single DSS foil to increase performance and comfort.Farr Yacht Design

Farr Yacht Design and Infiniti Performance Yachts have released a conceptualization of their latest design project, a 56' high performance bluewater cruiser. The Infiniti 56C will aim to bring together modern design, both inside and outside, with the latest high-tech materials to maximize sailing performance.

The most forward-thinking feature of the new cruiser will be the addition of lateral foils, first developed for the smaller, racing oriented Infiniti 46. The electronically actuated single Dynamic Stability System foil will improve performance and stability while underway making for a smoother and faster sailing experience.

"We are entering the age of foil-assisted sailing," said Farr Yacht Design in the Infiniti 56's design brief. "While foiling multihulls have received much attention, we feel the potential performance advancements through the use of foils on monohulls is equally dramatic and primed for widespread adoption."

The Infiniti 56 will make use of other innovative features, all geared toward increasing both sailing performance and comfort. A lifting keel will allow for lighter displacement and a deep center of gravity, while also reducing draft for easy access to popular cruising ports. The Infiniti 56 will also feature twin rudders for better control in all conditions.

Farr and Infiniti hope to set a new bar for performance cruising, being equally at home in blue water, as it is on the race course. The DSS system marks a new era of technological design for cruisers in both comfort and sailability, allowing boats to point higher, faster and flatter, shortening passages and making for a more enjoyable sail. The concept was developed from the ground up to maximize the benefits of the foil system.