Cruising World Writers Win Top Prizes

February 27, 2013

Cruising World cover March 2013

Cruising World magazine took top honors at the 2012 Boating Writers International Awards ceremony at the mid-winter Miami boat show, sweeping the entire travel and destinations category and taking the lion’s share in others.

The magazine’s staff members and contributing writers took a total of 17 awards with five first-place awards, four second-place awards, and four third-place awards, in addition to four honorable mentions. It’s become an annual rite of recognition for the high quality of the CW editorial brand, which has consistently edged out competing marine publications over the last several years.

Along with award-winning sister publication Sailing World, CW and winners Yachting and Boating are part of the Bonnier Marine Group, a division of Bonnier Corporation.


2012 Boating Writers International Winners

Boating Columns
1st: Off Watch by Wendy Mitman Clarke

3rd: _Log of s/v Del Viento_ by Michael Robertson


Boating Lifestyles
3rd: _To Wanderer III, a Toast_ by Thies Matzen

Merit awards:
Swallowing the Anchor by Beth Leonard
_Boat as Idea_ by Jim Carrier

Boating Profiles
1st: _Fortitudine Vincimus_ by Herb McCormick


2nd: _From Zero to a Hundred_ by Elaine Lembo

Boating Travel or Destinations
1st: _The Descendants_ by Peter Nichols

2nd: Up Where We Belong by Alvah Simon


3rd:_ One Waypoint at a Time_ by Matt Rutherford

Merit Awards:
The Daddy Diaries_ by Darrell Nicholson
_An Island Steps Ahead of its Time
by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Boating Adventures
1st: _When The Wrong Sail Is The Right Sail_ by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance
1st: A Motoring Muse by Ben Zartman

Ethics and Environment
2nd: A Heartbreaking Decision – A Whale Saved by Michael Robertson

Technical Writing
3rd: _How Sailboats Measure Up_ by Jeremy McGeary

Gear, Electronics and Product Tests
2nd: Banishing the Fumes by Webb Chiles


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