The Waiting Game

The crew of Aventura pass the time in the Arctic while waiting for the ice to open up in the Northwest Passage.

August 12, 2014

Blue Planet Odyssey, polar bear

Jimmy Cornell

We are still waiting for the ice situation to improve, so there is not 
much to do but deal with routine maintenance jobs, read, watch DVDs, 
listen to music, receive visitors from other boats waiting like us in 
this protected anchorage, or return those visits. There are also walks 
ashore, and watching the wildlife around us, mostly sea birds and the 
odd walrus from a nearby resident colony.

For the first time I was successful in my fishing, and caught three odd 
looking fish with wide mouths and large spinal fins looking like wings. 
Unable to feed our crew of eight on that meagre fare, I accepted 
Jean-Luc’s offer of using them as the base for a tasty bouillabaisse soup.

There was much excitement yesterday, when one of our neighbors came on 
the VHF radio to inform everyone that a polar bear was seen walking on 
the nearby shore. With everyone’s cameras and binoculars trained on the 
majestic beast, two of Drina’s crew took Emily from our boat in their 
dinghy and went as close to the bear as they dared. The bear gave them 
a bored look, turned around and walked nonchalantly away. Obviously 
sailors were not on his menu that day.


Finally there seems to be change in the air, the ice charts are looking 
increasingly promising, so we may start moving soon westwards, and 
tackle the proper part of the Northwest Passage.


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