Eastsail All Weather 25

The All Weather 25 expands on the trusted Eastsail Offshore 25 adding a pilot house to improve conditions during offshore sailing.

The All Weather 25 Pilot Cutter was born from the designers at Eastsail after the high demand for a boat with inside steering and comfort for all weather conditions.

The resulting design became the All Weather 25. The boat uses the same hull and sail rig as the Eastsail Offshore 25, but with the addition of a pilot house. The inside steering station creates a very different interior space, which can be customized to suit your sailing needs and desires. The cabin can be configured with an open interior or with a forward compartment, sea berth midship, and a quarter berth aft.

Aside from the interior customization, Eastsail also offers heat, pressure hot and cold water, refrigeration and wand shower as optional amenities for the All Weather 25.

Courtesy of Eastsail
Courtesy of Eastsail