Eleanor Across the Atlantic: Homeward Bound

Tropical Storm Claudette intercepted Eleanor, and after some deliberation, they are headed home.

July 15, 2015
Tropical Storm Claudette passes over Nova Scotia. Courtesy of NOAA

Report Number 3

Eleanor is turned around and headed back to Belfast, Maine. We’ve aborted the transatlantic trip and Eleanor won’t be sailing to Scotland this summer.

Tropical Storm Claudette clobbered us yesterday, but that was actually the least of our problems with the boat. We had several other issues and collectively decided the prudent choice would be not to carry on.

We’re all, of course, incredibly disappointed, but as owner Billy Gammon said, this deal isn’t done yet.


I’ll be writing a story about it all for our October issue, which will also be posted here on our website.

For now, thanks for reading.

Eleanor out.


You can follow along with their trip home using the tracking system Yellowbrick or via

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