Essential Apps: WindAlert / SailFlow

These essential apps are a must have for any sailor to quickly and accurately find wind forecasts anywhere in the world.

An accurate, up to date wind forecast is a must have for any sailor. SailFlow and WindAlert provide the most up to date wind data from weather stations in your area. Check wind and weather forecasts, tides and water temperature; you name it, and if a weather station or buoy records the data, you have access to it.

Using your location, the apps will allow you to access any weather station in your area to see the current conditions and assess the forecast. All data is collected directly from the recording stations and updated regularly to ensure that you are seeing as close to current conditions as possible.

Both apps are designed by the same company and are intended for use by sailors, kiteboarders and windsurfers, but offer wind data at weather stations around the world, even those away from the water.

You can find both SailFlow and WindAlert in the App Store and on Google Play with several other apps geared toward boaters by the same company.