Fatty Goes Nationwide

CW editor at large Cap'n Fatty Goodlander stars in the National Public Radio series "The Log of Wild Card."

May 19, 2008


Previous experience as a radio host in the Virgin Islands helped prepare Cap’n Fatty Goodlander (above) for his new gig on National Public Radio. Carolyn Goodlander

Cap’n Fatty Goodlander has hit the big time, airwaves-wise. Yesterday, the first installment of Fatty’s “The Log of Wild Card” series aired on National Public Radio. Weekend Edition host Liane Hansen interviewed the Cruising World editor at large about Wild Card’s cruising route.

If you missed yesterday’s episode, you can still catch Fatty on NPR on June 18, June 29, July 20, August 3, and August 24, or you can log on to to hear the audio.

“It’s quite a challenge,” says Fatty, “I had a radio show for 17 years in the Virgin Islands and I enjoyed every second of it. And I plan on enjoying this, one, too.”


The series will follow Fatty and his wife, Caroly, through Borneo, Brunei, and Thailand as a way to awaken audiences to the wonderful world of cruising and, more specifically, introduce them to these self-proclaimed “endless international sea gypsies.”

“Sometime in 1999 I told Carolyn, ‘I think I’ll try to get some stuff on NPR,'” says Fatty. “Now, thanks in part to CW, I have that chance.”

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