February 2005

February 4, 2005

edited by David W. Shaw
Citizen Jachney, straight-line winds, a 700-mile day’s run, trouble on Pitcairn, People and Food, Jimmy Cornell, and more

The Agony of the Annual Haulout
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Every two and a half years, the annual haulout comes around with its host of toxic byproducts to challenge the so-called romance of sailing

The Karma of the Vane
Under Way by Steve Cannon
Why is Christina crying? Her love story weaves through 11 years and two oceans, and it’s tied together by the reappearance of a device discarded long ago


The Golden Rules of Cruising
Point of View by Beth A. Leonard
Every community is built upon tacit understandings, and the fluid, ever-moving cruising community is no different

Momma Goes High-Tech
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
It’s not bad enough that her errant son won’t get a real job, but now Betty Bernon has to spend her twilight years mastering the intricacies of the digital age



Ambassadors of Goodwill
by Clint Clemens
A digital camera makes the difference between taking and sharing pictures, and in the hands of one young cruiser on a swing through the Caribbean, it opens doors aplenty

The Nine Lives of a Sailor
by Alex Crowell
One lifelong voyager reflects back on 50 years under sail and on the several calamities from which he only narrowly escaped with all 10 fingers and toes

The New Sailing Machines
Yacht Style by Nim Marsh
“I happen to know several sailors who do not like night sailing, having done too much of it already,” wrote L. Francis Herreshoff in another age. This month, we feature four elegant craft that were recently built with those daysailors in mind



A Tale of Two Crossings
Voyaging by Myron Arms
From 1985 to 2002, the Atlantic trade belt hardly seemed like the same body of water

The AA-B-C of Rechargeable Batteries
Electronics by Joe Minick
When you add up your boat’s handheld devices, rechargeable batteries begin to make sense


The Voyaging Engine
Systems by Tom and Vicky Jackson
Next to GPS, reliable auxiliary power is probably the greatest technological advance to benefit cruisers

Sailing with the Iron Genny
Boathandling by Jonathan T. McPhee
Using the racer’s tricks to extend your boat’s VMG is just one way to improve your motorsailing speed

An Ounce of Prevention
Seamanship by Evans Starzinger
Ten simple predeparture tips will help you stay ahead of vibration, chafe, and UV exposure

Yachtmaster and Commander?
Education by Douglas Bernon
The man’s earned two Ph.D.s, yet still the three-week Yachtmaster’s course reduced him to an exhausted, intimidated, homesick nutbar


A Step Up for the Cruising Cat
Boat Test by Tim Murphy and Darrell Nicholson
A raised cockpit is just the beginning of the fresh ideas behind the new Lagoon 440

No Water? No Problem
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary
With its swing keel, the Southerly 115 is equally at home in deep water or in the shallow estuary

Legendary Lineage
Classic Plastic by Roger Howell
The beautiful Bristol 35.5C, designed by Ted Hood, may stretch out your row back to the dock

And the Winners Are . . .
New Products by David W. Shaw
Six new products earned acclaim from the industry


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