Diving Made Easy

Explore the depths with new gear to take you further faster. A gear review from our July 2010 issue

November 2, 2010

seadoo scooter 368

Sea Doo’s electic Seascooter Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

Scuba divers know that being relaxed in the water makes it easier to conserve air, and burning less air allows for longer dives. Sea-Doo’s electric Seascooters provide effortless propulsion underwater so you can relax and explore at the same time. For serious diving, the largest and most powerful, Explorer X, has three speed settings, with a maximum speed of 3.3 mph. It can run for up to two hours on a charge and functions properly at the standard recreational diving limit of 130 feet. For snorkeling, the smaller, lighter-weight Aqua Ranger may be all you’ll need. It runs for 90 minutes on a charge and can power you over to a nearby reef at 2 mph.

$160 to $800, (877) 265-0996,


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