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Spoil the whole family with cameras, beanbag chairs, dog leashes, and more. "New Products" from our December 2011 issue.

November 22, 2011


The Manufacturer

Versatile Underwater HD Camera
Capture and relive your wildest dreams with SeaLife’s new DC1400 camera. With the capacity to take 720-pixel HD video and 14-megapixel high-resolution images, auto-focus to within an inch of any subject, and stay waterproof to depths of 200 feet, this camera may capture everything but the smell of salt and algae. It features five large “piano keys” that make it easy to use one-handed while wearing gloves; 27 scene modes, including Anti-Shake and Spy for moving subjects; a removable rubber case that provides grip and shock protection; and up to 32 megabytes of memory. Keep this camera handy on your next adventure to capture memories in an instant that will last you for a lifetime. $530, (Also available on


Salty Leash for Sea Dogs_
First Mate Pets makes a durable, hand-crafted leash designed for the cruising canine. It’s 5 feet of either black or white braided rope with a solid-brass swiveling snap clip. First Mate Pets donates 5 percent of its proceeds to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, making this a leash even your dog will feel good about. $38,


New Onboard Sneakers from Sperry
Sperry’s latest performance sneakers, the Kingfisher (pictured), for men, and the SB1170, for women, feature the company’s A.S.V. technology, which reduces the shock and vibrations caused by waves pounding against a hull by up to 40 percent. These kicks need no breaking in thanks to durable, cushioning midsoles and quick-drying mesh uppers. Their nonmarking outsoles keep your decks clean while Sperry’s wet-dry traction works to prevent you from slipping off of them altogether. $140 (Kingfisher), $100 (SB1170),

Midlayer Jacket with Intelligent Insulation_
Layering has always been the name of the game when dressing for a day on the water. But with Gill’s latest advancement in thermal technology, the new i5 Headwind jacket will have sailors peeling layers much less often. It features a revolutionary material made with microscopic “gates” between fibers. These gates open in warm conditions for ventilation and close in cold conditions to stop body heat from escaping, making it a comfortable jacket regardless of the weather. The i5 Headwind is breathable, super lightweight, and wind and water resistant. In fact, the entire jacket can be packed away into its own chest pocket for compact storage. $165,

Marine Beanbag Chair
Nestle your tired rear end into one of West Marine’s cozy beanbag chairs for a quick nap, or toss it on deck for even cushier cruising. This traditional round chair measures 36 by 36 inches, is double-stitched for durability, and even has handles. West Marine assures us that its Rounds, as it calls them, are the most comfortable for long trips and overnight sleeping. Doubtful? Just ask Brad Van Liew, two-time winner of the Velux 5 Oceans Race. He slept exclusively on beanbags for all 30,000 miles of his solo voyage, and he won every leg along the way. $100,


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