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Giving the Lights an LED Makeover

IMTRA’s new Largo and ITS LED series offer a high-tech, affordable way to upgrade a boat’s lighting system

January 29, 2016
Largo Tri Color
The Largo Tri-Color PowerLED comes with three color outputs, white, blue and red, that are controlled by a built-in dimmer switch. IMTRA

Marine lighting specialist IMTRA has launched several LED product lines that let do-it-yourselfers and refit yards update a boat’s existing lighting systems with simple, straightforward installations. The smart technology and low-profile designs behind the new Largo and IS series also add increased lighting functionality to any corner of a boat, even remote areas like generator compartments or bilges.

The Largo Tri-Color PowerLED series is designed for space-conscious boaters who want an advanced LED to replace halogen or incandescent lights. Offering simple installation with just two wires, the Largo comes with three color outputs, white, blue and red, that are controlled by a built-in dimmer switch. The waterproof Largo series, with a 96-degree wide-flood illumination area, can be used either inside the boat or on the exterior.

“We see the Largo series replacing legacy dome fixtures that have been on the market for years,” says Colby Chevalier, IMTRA’s lighting sales manager. “We developed Largo as a clean, surface-mount light with a very bright light output. They fit in the same footprint as the older lights but have many more technical advantages. From a refit or DIY standpoint, they’re affordable, simple to install and offer different colors when an owner needs it most.”


At the helm and cockpit, for instance, a soft, red light protects the crew’s vision in nighttime navigation situations. The built-in dimmer moves between colors and transitions brightness levels from 5 percent to 100 percent. The Largo’s memory recalls the last light color and brightness level whenever the light turns back on. For night cruising, having a dim red light come on at the helm, rather than bright white, could spare the crew from vision shock, ensuring smooth navigation.

Chevalier says that many owners like the blue for aesthetic reasons. “Some light up the exterior in blue because they like the look,” he says. “Others even match the topsides with blue underwater lights to create a wow effect.” The Largo series is available in two white colors, warm and cool white, depending on owner preference. The warm white has light output comparable to 35-watt halogen bulbs.

The ultra-flat IS series from IMTRA is designed for engine spaces, generator compartments, bilges or areas where headroom is an issue. Designed to replace typical engine-room lighting like small cage lights or fluorescent shop lights, the IS series is only ¼-inch thick. “Generally, the old legacy lights are head-bangers,” says Chevalier. “The IS series almost disappears into the wall or ceiling when turned off. The IS acrylic housing is waterproof, UV resistant and completely impact resistant.”


The IS series comes in 8-, 14-, 24- and 44-inch lengths, increasing in brightness as size increases. The beam angle is 120 degrees. Each model is available with a standoff bezel that allows installers to run cable from any side of the fixture.

“The impact-resistant housing is impervious to saltwater corrosion and won’t discolor over time,” says Chevalier. “You can also hose it down without worrying about water penetration. We’ve seen it used under cabinets or in storage lockers — even on the exterior passageways. The cool-white color really makes gelcoat pop.”

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