Harry Mitchell Trophy for First Around Alone Open 40

Harry Mitchell, the 70-year-old British entrant in the 1994-95 Around Alone race was tragically lost at sea with his 40-foot Henry Hornblower near Cape Horn, sadly in the very place that was his desire to conquer.

Derek Hatfield, competing in his Open 40 Spirit of Canada in the forthcoming Around Alone, starting in Newport, Rhode Island next September, was moved and inspired by Harry’s story, and he planted the seed with Dr. Ivan Slezik for a trophy to honor Harry’s commitment to the Around Alone. Slezik, a fellow solo competitor and friend of Harry’s, has since commissioned the design and creation of the trophy to be presented to the first Open 40 in Class II, in honor of this modest skipper.

The trophy will incorporate the prized gold earring that recognizes sailors who have rounded Cape Horn, a feat that Harry so sought after. It will also include his official logo, his daughter’s depiction of King Neptune blowing a horn, for which Harry was so well known. Harry’s widow, Dianna, who continues to follow and support singlehanded sailors, will present the Harry Mitchell Trophy to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, chairman of Clipper Ventures plc, the owners and organizers of Around Alone.