7 Steps to Keeping your Outboard Kicking

Ed Sherman takes us through 7 steps to keeping the outboard running like a champ.


winterizing an outboard motorGretchen Thor


Remove the screw-in plug for the water flush and insert a hose adapter, then run your engine with the fuel stabilizer added to your fuel. If your engine doesn't have a flush port, use an engine flusher (looks like ear muffs)Gretchen Thor


winterizing an outboard motorGretchen Thor


After removing the top gear-case plug you should see gear oil slowly seep from the access hole. If not check your levels by using a matchstick or a pipe cleaner inserted into the hole, at the same time you can check for any signs of water mixing with the oil; it will show as a milky white color and indicates a lower-unit seal leak that must be attended to immediately by a qualified mechanic.Gretchen Thor


Lubricate the engine tilt and steering points.Gretchen Thor


Make sure you check for engine corrosion, if the sacrificial anodes are correded more than 50% they should be replaced.Gretchen Thor


After removing the spark plugsspray the fogging oil into each cylinder for a few seconds, preferably while turning the engine over with teh pull-start cord.Gretchen Thor


winterizing an outboard motorGretchen Thor


winterizing an outboard motorGretchen Thor


Inspect the propeller for dings and dents.Gretchen Thor


Four Strokes: Tilting the engine up to it's maximum will help drain the old oil with the least amount of mess.Gretchen Thor

outboard maintenance polish

After all of the maintenance is done a good wax job finishes up the project.Gretchen Thor