Boat Kids, part II

Spring is finally here, and it's time to launch the new catamaran.

Caitlin Catamaran

Caitlin and her Voyager.Green Brett

Spring is in the air_—finally_—here in Newport, Rhode Island, and today was a big day. My daughter Caitlin's catamaran made its maiden voyage.

She named the boat Voyager, and she is super proud of it. Voyager started as a rainy day father/daughter project a month or so ago, when the weather seemed like it would be eternally cold. Over the last few weeks, Voyager has acquired a flashy silver paint job, a fully battened sail, a mast, and rigging, and today, all the little dock denizens came out to see the launch.

As you can see from this previous post, her boatbuilding skills have come a long way this winter. (With a little help from dad. ;)

Caitlin launching Voyager

Uh-oh! Ready the chase boat!