Reader Tip: Getting Glue Gunk Off a Dinghy

Not sure how to deal with dripped glue after repairing your dinghy? Reader John Rickenbach shares a useful tip.

Drill Sander

John Rickenbach

Recently I was attempting to get some glue off of my PVC dingy to which I had done some repairs. I put a sanding disk on my drill sander, but the sand paper was too aggressive and was threatening to damage the PVC. Mostly out of frustration, I decided to use the drill sander backing pad without the sand paper. It worked great, creating just the right amount of heat in the spot I was working and flicking the glue out like mad. In the end, the glue was gone and replaced with a black grime from the sander. This black grime came off easily with acetone.

John Rickenbach
Tally Ho – Valiant 40 PH

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