Transducer Paint by Pettit Marine Paint

"Gear and Gadgets" from our February 7, 2007, CW Reckonings


Common antifouling paints are often incompatible with the plastic composition of transducer housings. To protect this vital piece of equipment, Pettit Marine Paint offers Transducer Paint ($20 for a 16-ounce spray can) in a convenient aerosol formulation.

Available in gray only, Transducer Paint is easy to apply, requires only two coats, and dries quickly. It forms an excellent adhesive bond to inhibit corrosion, and its hard, smooth surface is self-cleaning. The dry paint contains 93% pure zinc. Because only a small amount is needed every year, the paint has a long shelf life and remains effective after winter haulouts.

Transducer Paint also works on bare metal, so apply it to bronze and stainless steel through-hulls and propellers to protect against efficiency reducing weed and slime.

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