Warm and Dry

If you'd like to extend your sailing season or travel where cooler temps are the norm, check out this tiny wood stove -- made with a sailboat in mind.

Cubic wood stove

There is nothing fun about sailing in a damp, cold environment only to go below -- into another damp, cold environment. Alternatively, a sailboat cabin that is warm and dry is just about as cozy as you can get when the temperature drops outside. Bonus if you can sit by a fireplace.

To warm up your liveaboard life, check out this sailboat-ready wood stove that we've recently come across. The Cubic Mini Wood Stove is a high efficiency, slow combustion wood stove that was designed by a sailor and is manufactured in Montreal, Canada. It's tiny -- the Cubic measures just 10x9x11 inches and weighs 27 pounds, and it's made from laser-cut steel plate with ceramic glass and insulation.