In the Wake of Hurricane Florence

Down but not out, the residents and sailors of New Bern, North Carolina, are on the road to recovery after the devastating storm.

September 20, 2018
New Bern Grand Marina
Staff from New Bern Grand Marina, in downtown New Bern, North Carolina, work on restoring water and dock access. The marina’s floating docks handled the massive storm surge from Hurricane Florence; however the ramps leading to the docks didn’t fare so well. Due to the hard work of the crew, less then four days after the storm five of seven docks have access and three have water. David Gillespie

From September 13th to 15th, Hurricane Florence brought a massive storm surge along with record-breaking rainfall when the storm stalled over the Carolinas. New Bern, North Carolina was one of the hardest hit communities. This picturesque town is home to several marinas and is a much-loved cruising stopover off the Intracoastal Waterway. While there is still a long way to go before things are back to normal in the town, we are happy to report that New Bern is already on the road to recovery.

New Bern
Although a few boats were lost at New Bern Grand Marina, the vast majority survived, many with little to no damage. David Gillespie
Barefoot Princess
Sightseeing and dinner cruise ship Barefoot Princess is in the process of being rescued after blowing aground in downtown New Bern, NC. David Gillespie
New Bern Grand Marina liveaboards
New Bern Grand Marina liveaboards return to their floating homes. David Gillespie
Bridgepoint Marina
The view from Bridgepoint Marina across the river into old town New Bern. David Gillespie
Duck Creek
Local hurricane hole Duck Creek, just off the Neuse River, was at full occupancy. Although record-high storm surge did float a few small boats off their stands, the vast majority rode out the storm well. David Gillespie
Duck Creek refuge
Duck Creek used every available space to harbor boats looking for refuge. David Gillespie
Northwest Creek
Northwest Creek residents help to salvage marina tools and equipment while the staff has their hands full caring for boats in Florence’s aftermath. David Gillespie
Northwest Creek staff
Northwest Creek staff discuss plans to clear docks. David Gillespie
Northwest Creek docks
With over 210 boats on fixed docks and a storm surge that floated most over 7 feet above the docks the vast majority managed to land back in their slips. David Gillespie
Down, but not out.
Down, but not out, historic downtown New Bern residents rally. David Gillespie
Blackbeard Sailing Club
Blackbeard Sailing Club, across the Neuse from New Bern in Fairfield Harbor, requires all boats over 27 feet to evacuate the marina during hurricanes. David Gillespie
Boats at anchor
In the distance 32 boats rest at anchor after Florence’s vengeance. Only a few were lost. David Gillespie


If you are planning to head south on the ICW this season, be sure to have the most up-to-date charts and look over the most recent US Coast Guard Notice to Mariners as you go through affected areas. Both the ActiveCaptain website/app and Facebook page are helpful resources for timely information.


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