July 2010


June 8, 2010


The Sea Less Sailed
The complexities of Japan’s weather, culture, and bureaucracy veil a rich and, for this crew, treasured tapestry
by Alvah Simon

Special Feature Section


Ocean Explorer
Sound Advice for cruisers under power or sail

A Navigator’s Guide for Passage Planning
Current, contour, and weather all play into it
by Ralph Naranjo

Weather for the Long Haul
A crew uses GRIB files for their South Pacific transit
by Beth A. Leonard


A Long-Distance Voyage Close to Home?
North America’s Great Loop is thousands of miles of thrill
by Elaine Lembo

Count on Your Compass
It’s still the best navigation device, bar none
by Jeremy McGeary

On Watch by Capn’ Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Sailing Life

Passage Notes by Elaine Lembo
Point of View by Ron Schaper
People and Food by Antonia Murphy

Hands-On Sailor


An Ounce of Prevention
Seamanship: This quick and secure system will keep the boom on most boats in place
by Beth A. Leonard

Making a Mast
Backyard Warrior: Who knew an aluminum light pole would work just fine?
By Ben Zartman

Beware of the Odor
Monthly Maintenance: Use hose designed specifically for sanitation systems
by Steve D’Antonio


Testing Small-Dome Broadband Sat-Coms
Electronics: These systems provide constant connectivity at a fraction of the cost
by Gram Schweikert

Beneteau First 40 and First 35
Boat Reviews: This performance-oriented line unveils two next-generation models
by Alvah Simon and Bill Springer

Diving Made Easy
New Products: Save air while diving with a personal propulsion system; use sound waves to keep the bottom fair; step in and out of the dinghy easily with this rail
by Bill Springer


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