June 2007 Table of Contents


May 17, 2007

America’s Cups by cost, a tsunami in the Solomons, a dreaded boat chore, a call for recipes, good books and DVDs, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

On Watch
If you buy a sunken boat and sail it around the world on pennies, you’ll eventually balance the books with elbow grease
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Short Story
Ernesto revives the debate: Stay aboard in a hurricane, or head to shore?
by Melanie Neale


Sailor Profile
To Big Bob Baldwin goes appreciation for good sailing, good drink, and a spirit that will stay with Figawi races to come
by Mark Pillsbury

Passage Notes
An immediate desire to explore, combined with boundless energy and occasional impatience, allows these young sailors to delay the inevitable ashore
by Michael Larkum

People and Food
If the lessons in dancing and painting weren’t enough, the fried plantain patties they sampled on Colombia’s Isla Fuerte will most surely win you over
by Bernadette Bernon


Log of Ithaka
The voyage is complete, but cruising remains a compass that continues to point the way
by Douglas Bernon


Island-Hopping in the Florida Keys
Two singlehanders buddy-cruise their boats to the remote part of the chain to discover solitary splendors together
by Rebecca Burg


Rendezvous in Martinique
At Fountaine Pajot’s 30th-anniversary celebration, these sailors lost more sleep over the parties than over the race results
by John Burnham

South to the Horn, Part II
With the Panama Canal astern, the crew ofthe Morris 51 Homefree decides to hug the west coast of South America, dealing with fickle winds, countercurrents, and macho men on their way to Cape Horn
by Robert J. Rubadeau

If the Shoe Fits
Yacht Style: The unlikely pairing of the Ferragamo fashion dynasty with the Scandinavian traditions of boatbuilder Nautor’s Swan is a hit
by Bernadette Bernon


Hands on Sailor

Bluewater Bound
Seamanship: Meeting an offshore race’s entry requirements shapes up boat and crew
by Tucker Collins

Check Your Chainplates
Systems: Here’s a primer on an oft-neglected and crucial link between rig and hull
by Ann Hoffner

Dismasted in the Sulu Sea
Voyaging: A crisis off Borneo leads to a delightful landing-and decent boat repairs, to boot
by John Putt

A Bad Case of Yar Disease
Backyard Warrior: He swallowed the anchor, but boat plans have him dreaming of the sea
by Ben Zartman

Bleed Out the Air
Monthly Maintenance: Know how to bleed your engine’s diesel system, or suffer the consequences
by Steve D’Antonio


Miami Serves Up a Cruisers Buffet
Boat Review: Seven builders, from Alerion Express to Sydney, bring new models to Strictly Sail Miami
by Mark Pillsbury

A Schocking Good Sail
Boat Review: The Harbor 25 is a pocket cruiser that’s generous with the creature comforts
by Andrew Burton

Classic Plastic: Cape Dory 28
A sailor falls hard for this Carl Alberg beauty
by Lauren Anthone

You Pointin’ at Me?
New Products: Removable sprits, cleaning products, fuel solutions, and more
by Andrew Burton


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