June 2010


May 11, 2010


Cape Horn to Starboard
A rare southeasterly blows, and the sailors on Ocean Watch make the hard-earned rounding while flying a spinnaker
by Herb McComick

Special Catamaran Section


Multihulls 2010
Cats continue their incursion into the sailing mainstream

Why a Cat?
Former monohull owners sing the praises of their cruising catamaran
by Tom Linskey

John Lombardi: Artist and Artisan
Sailor Profile: John Lombardi’s path to boatbuilding was written in the stars-not in his college degree
by Jeremy McGeary


Meet the Catamaran Converts
Passage Notes: Among the good reasons for the switch is to have a place big enough to stow a harp
by Katie Coolbaugh

The Cruising Cat Comes of Age
Advances in speed, comfort, and stability have the naysayers dwindling
By Jeremy McGeary

Hulls on Which to Build a Dream
Custom construction caters to individual tastes
by Jeremy McGeary


How to Lose 1,200 Pounds
Ditch the weight to add speed and lift
by Diane Selkirk


On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s FLight by Wendy Mitman Clarke
Sailing Life by Nadine Slavinski
Makeovers and Refits by Ron Reynolds
People and Food by Susan Merriman


Hands-On Sailor

Galley Klatch
Projects: Designers, builders, and owners weigh in on what works where you cook
by Elaine Lembo

Reefer Madness
Systems: Here’s how onboard refrigeration works and choices for powering available
by Bill Spinger

What Sails Will You Take?
Seamanship: Makers and other experts give advice on what to carry in the quiver
by Mark Pillsbury

A Do-It-Yourself Dinghy
Backyard Warrior: The tender splashes before the mother ship leaves the barn
by Ben Zartman

Enough Juice for the Job
Monthly Maintenance: Alternator charge output should match battery bank size
by Steve D’Antonio


Leopard 38/Sunsail 384
Boat Review: Performance, safety, and practicality are evident in this BOTY winner
by Steve Callahan

Lipari 41
Boat Review: Contemporary design and excellent visibility are trademarks of this good sailor
by Steve Callahan

Aloha 32
Classic Plastic: Escape to the Bahamas in this comfortable, 1980’s-style hull
by Greg Nestor

Get the LED Out
New Products: Power-stingy tricolor lights and an electric outboard make the scene
by Bill Springer


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