Just Toss It

Break the Hoarding Cycle by giving away all that stuff you’ve squirreled away.

Give Your Stuff Away Day

If you’re planning on cleaning out your house and going sailing someday, here’s a reason to take that first step. North Chili, New York, resident Mike Morone is trying to get the momentum going for Give Your Stuff Away Day, this year scheduled for Saturday, May 12. He’s billing it as being the world’s largest recycling event, and adds it’s an opportunity to “break the hoarding cycle” we all fall in to.

Here’s how it works: Take all the stuff you don’t want, drag it out to the curb in front of your house, and leave it there for a few days so that others can come along and take what they need. Anything left over probably does belong in a landfill somewhere, so once the pile’s been picked through, go ahead and toss the rest.

Sure, the neighbors may complain, but not if you get them to drag their junk out too. Just get them to check out Mike's website: www.giveyourstuffaway.com.