Maine Boatbuilders Show on Tap

For a getaway in the middle of March, it’s hard to beat the pilgrimage to Portland Maine.

Maine Boatbuilders Show

Mark Pillsbury

Some years I've trudged through snow and others through mud, but whatever the state of the ground cover, it's worth the hike across the parking lots to reach the Maine Boatbuilders Show, scheduled this year to run from Friday, March 15th, through the weekend, at Portland Yacht Services in downtown Portland.

If you haven’t been, the show is a delightful compilation of craftsmanship, carried out in varying degrees of wood and fiberglass, along with displays hosted by equipment companies that supply the Maine boatbuilding industry.

Throughout the three days, the show is hosting a broad range of seminars, from launching a sharpie to taking your boat to the Caribbean. Friday, the National Association of Marine Surveys holds a membership meeting on site and seminars that day lean strongly towards building and mending boats. You can check out a complete schedule of the talks online.

For me, the real draw is the wide array of boats—rowing, sailing, and power—and a chance to talk to the men and women who build them. It’s also a chance to catch up on events planned for the coming season along the Maine Coast. And the chili and Shipyard ale are not to be missed.

If you can’t make it to Maine, check back here for a photo gallery from the show.