Newport-Bermuda Race Adds Multihulls

For the first time ever, the Newport-Bermuda race will allow multihulls 58 feet and larger.

Gunboat Tribe prepares for the 2018 Bermuda Race.
Gunboat 62 Tribe plans to participate in the 2018 Bermuda Race.Courtesy of the Bermuda Race

The Newport-Bermuda Race is not just for monohulls anymore. Race organizers have announced that the 2018 race will allow multihulls of 58 feet and larger. After consulting extensively with multihull owners and builders, these big cats have been deemed safe enough for the race's "unique and challenging" characteristics.

According to the race website, these characteristics include "that the race crosses the Gulf Stream, the race is sailed principally offshore beyond coastal rescue resources, and the race is generally a tight reach (i.e. not a downwind race)."

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