NV Charts Now Covers Entire US East Coast

New charts cover from Rhode Island to the Canadian border.

August 28, 2012

NV Charts coverage

NV Charts, a global supplier of precision charting products for mariners and cruising sailors announces new charts for the U.S. East Coast, completeing their coverage of the region. The last two regions have arrived in the U.S. and are now available.

Reg. 1.1 Maine, Canadian Border to Cape Elizabeth

Reg. 2.2 Maine South & Massachusetts, Cape Elizabeth to Cape Cod.


There will also be a new NV Charts bundle, Canadian Border to Block Island, which includes 3 regions:

Reg. 1.1 · Maine,
Reg. 2.1 · Maine South and Massachusetts
Reg. 3.1 · Rhode Island to Nantucket Sound

There will also be a new region, Reg. 16.1 Bermuda Islands: Passages U.S. East Coast, Caribbean, Europe. This region will be available in the U.S. for the Newport Boat Show 2012.


Each NV Chart set comes with the paper chart book and a CD of electronic charts. Some chart sets also include a harbor and anchorage pilot book.

Read Ben Ellison’s review of NV Charts on his blog, Panbo.


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