2013 Maine Boatbuilders Show

Attendance and number of exhibitors were both up at this year's show, an annual rite of better weather to come in New England.

March 20, 2013

Fine weather greeted visitors to the 26th annual Maine Boatbuilders Show, held in the rambling facilities of Portland Yacht Services in downtown Portland, Maine.

Show founder and PYS owner Phinneas Sprague reported attendace was up slightly from last year and the list of exhibitors also continues to grow. The three day show is held each March and again this year, some of the best craftsmen around turned up to show off their latest boatbuilding projects. A host of marine suppliers were also on hand with products ranging from brass to paint to stainless and rigging.


At the Maine Boatbuilders Show, the displays seemingly spill out of the main building, into the parking lot and adjacent sheds. Mark Pillsbury


The building that houses Portland Yacht Services and the annual Maine Boatbuilders Show—once a locomotive factory—can be as interesting as the rest of the exhibits. Mark Pillsbury


At the Maine Boatbuilders Show, exhibits are a mixture of power and sail, fiberglass and wood. Mark Pillsbury

morris booth.jpg

The night before the show, Cuyler Morris and Morris Yachts introduced their newest model, the M46. Joining Cuyler (left) in the Morris booth is Sparkman & Stephens chief designer Brendan Abbott. Mark Pillsbury

not a canoe sign.jpg

The builder of the sleek Vermont Fishing Dory must have been quite peeved by the salt-encrusted Mainers who confused his sailing and rowing vessel with a canoe. Sort of like calling a lobster boat a Picnic Boat, I’d guess. Mark Pillsbury

not a canoe.jpg

Though it might carry lines reminiscient of a canoe, the Vermont Fishing Dory is a very different craft. Mark Pillsbury

run about.jpg

Though I’m a sailboat kind of guy, the teak interior of this run about from the builders at the Brooklin Boat Yard certainly caught my eye. Mark Pillsbury

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