Onboard Monster Project

CW senior editor Herb McCormick sailed the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta aboard the Volvo 70 Monster Project. Here's his onboard photo gallery of the day's action.

Volvo 70 Monster Project
Photographer Bob Grieser captured Monster Project rounding a buoy.Courtesy Bob Grieser/Outside Images (www.outsideimages.com)
The craziest part of the whole adventure may have been jockeying with dozens of other boats to exit Simpson Bay via the swing bridge at the entrance.Herb McCormick
A huge crowd gathers on the porch of the St. Maarten Yacht Club to watch the fleet head out to the racecourse.Herb McCormick
Skipper Andy Budgen
Skipper Andy Budgen is a world-class sailor who purchased Monster Project from a Russian syndicate after the last round-the-world Volvo Race.Herb McCormick
Mainsail on Monster Project
It took four of us working on linked coffee-grinder winches to raise the giant mainsail on Monster Project.Herb McCormick
Volvo 70 sailing
Courtesy Bob Grieser/Outside Images (www.outsideimages.com)
Monster Project sails the Heineken
Once the main was up, we hoisted the big genoa as well. Note the daggerboards forward; the leeward one is lowered for upwind legs once the race is underway.Herb McCormick
Sailor Martine Vos
Like everyone on board, mainsheet trimmer Martine Vos got a workout on the round-the-island race.Herb McCormick
Monster Project Instruments
The mast-mounted instruments tell the story: In 16 knots of wind, Monster Project made over 16 knots of boat speed.Herb McCormick
Canting keel
Hiking out on the rail, the fully canted canting keel is quite a sight skimming below the waves.Herb McCormick
Monster Project at the Heineken Regatta
Photographer Bob Grieser captured Monster Project at the Heineken Regatta.Courtesy Bob Grieser/Outside Images (www.outsideimages.com)