Power-Pole VISION

Power-Pole VISIONPower-Pole

The Power-Pole VISION allows multiple boat accessories to be connected and wirelessly controlled by one smart device. Android® based for web and app access via Wi-Fi or cellular hotspot.


  • Controls multiple boat accessories through the six-outlet Power-Pole CM/IO6 Control Module

  • Customize settings and pre-sets of dimmers, timers, speeds, tilt, trim and more

  • High bright screen is viewable in full sun even with polarized sunglasses


  • 7" viewable touch-screen tablet

  • Water resistant (IP67)

  • Android operating system

  • Powered by C-Monster Control System 2.0

  • Over-the-air wireless protocol

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

  • Daylight and Nighttime screen settings

  • 3 mounting options – Flush, Gimbal or Ram mount



More Information

Website: Power-Pole