Recording a Logbook Entry in our Community Section

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June 1, 2011


Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

Getting hooked up with the Cruising World online community will get you in touch with loads of other cruising sailors. If you have a gear question, chances are someone else has had the same question. If you want to sail around the world, there’s a lot of sailors who have done just that and are willing to share their stories and tips. The Logbooks are a perfect place to record and share your own adventures and to read about other cruisers’ adventures and get inspiration for new itineraries.

Here’s how to do it:

Make sure you are registered at


Once you log in on the home page, you can click on your username to go to your own homepage.

Click on Logbook and create a new entry.

You will be able to enter a Title, Log Entry, and Photo


Click on Preview

If you like what you see click Publish, if you need to make changes click Edit.

Once it’s posted you can view the logbook along with all the other ones under Community in the Logbooks.


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