Safety Gear for Cruisers

If worse comes to worst and you’re in the drink, these products can help you stay afloat and be found.

Breitling Emergency Watch The Breitling Emergency watch is more than meets the eye. Built into the timepiece is a dual-frequency (406 and 121.5 MHz) personal locator beacon. Unscrew the cap on the right side of the watch and extend the antenna, which deploys a second antenna on the left and activates the transmitter to alert rescue personnel through the Cospas-Sarsat network. $15,825 and up; www.breitling.comvenzinbuehler venzinbuehler
Aurora Hand Flares The Aurora hand flares from ACR are made for life on the water. Instead of cardboard, the pyrotechnics are housed in a steel casing with a polycarbonate handle. Both the red hand flare (right) and the orange smoke hand flare feature a one-piece internal pull cord and can be activated even under water. $40 (three-pack red), $30 (single orange smoke);
Crewsaver ErgoFit 40 PFD Popular in Europe, several PFDs from Crewsaver have just received U.S. Coast Guard approval. The inflatabe PFDs are designed to sit off of your neck, providing comfort and freedom of movement. The ErgoFit 40 Pro provides 40 pounds of buoyancy when inflated and an integral harness with soft D-loops for tether attachment. $240;
Sirius Signal The Sirius Signal meets all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for night visual distress signals. The waterproof, LED light is submersible, visible for 10 nautical miles and has a battery life of 6-plus hours. $100;
SeaWise Emergency Action Guide Emergency situations call for quick, clear thinking. To that end, the SeaWise Emergency Action Guide for Sailing Yachts lays out step-by-step instructions in a simple-to-navigate format to see you through the worst onboard circumstances. The guide is packaged with a safety checklist to assist in vessel voyage prep. $50;