Quick Look: Alerion Express 45

Jeremy McGeary reviews this newest model of a classic daysailor for the CW 2009 Sailboat Show.

A raceboat, a cruiser/racer, and a cruising boat all come, it seems, with obligations. You have to race or cruise or do both or you're not using the boat to its full potential. Well, if you don't want to feel obliged to do either, you need a daysailer.

Pearson Composites has been obliging sailors with just that idea for many years. With the Alerion Express 45, it has raised both the comfort level-it has standing headroom-and the potential range of a day's sailing while maintaining the same aesthetic model.

As do its smaller siblings, the 45 has a big, roachy mainsail and a self-tacking jib on a Hoyt boom. Sailing it takes little effort, especially given the electric primary winches. The sails are tended from the helm, so guests can take their ease in the generous cockpit.

If the day stretches into night, the full galley, head with stall shower, and forward and aft cabins will each come into their own.