Quick Look: Alibi 47

Cruising World 2008 New Boat Showcase


From the slender hulls to the square-top mainsail, the Alibi 47 is full of design features that say "fast." And, of course, to go really fast you have to accept that the accommodations are less commodious than on the average catamaran designed for cruising. The saloon appears simple and functional, with a nav/office desk and galley flanking a dining booth, and the sleeping cabins are just that.

On deck, the arrangement is all about the business of tending a powerful sail plan and monitoring it from one of the twin steering stations. However, being French, The Alibi 47 does have a patio-style outside dining area where suitable refreshments may be taken to slow the pulse to one suited to apres-sail appreciation of the rapidly achieved new surroundings.

Alibi 47 Specs

LOA: 46' 7"
LWL: 46' 7"
Beam: 26' 3"
Draft: 2' 3"/7' 10"
Sail Area 1062
Displacement: 15,435
Designer: Loic Goepfert
33 472 84 14 25